I had an amazing day in Morro Bay photographing this wonderful family.  We hiked, played, explored, and just enjoyed the light. I love days like this.

Photography with kids needs to be fun. Everything is a game for a child - exploring, touching, listening, looking, etc. A child engages almost all of their senses.

As adults, we have touched dirt or grass so many times it has lost it's magic. A child touches dirt with a sense of wonder; dirt does stuff. It sticks to things (faces), it changes color, it is smooth or rough, it blows away in the wind, grass and trees grow out of it, houses are built on it, animals live under it, bugs and toy trucks move on it! It is magic.

With this little guy, the photography happened between the fun. When this family looks at these photos years from now, they will remember him as he was - a playful, inquisitive, active little guy. As their photographer, I want to give them real photos that will bring back amazing memories and the magic.   

Thank you to this family for letting me do what I love.

Teddy & Marlisa LR Edit 1-15.jpg
Teddy & Marlisa LR Edit 1-7.jpg
Teddy & Marlisa LR Edit 1-5.jpg