Wedding Pricing

Packages: 4 hours: $1500 / 6 hours $2000 / 8 Hours $2500 / Full Day Coverage $4000 includes engagement session.

Additional Photographer $400

Engagement Session


Family Photography Pricing

$250 for 30 minute location shoot

$400 location shoot: interactive, posed, play, candid, fun. usually about 1.5 hours. Large Family Gathering: $500.

$1000 for a "day in the life" shoot. This documents your family in a way designed to show a day in the life you will want to remember: Kids snuggled in bed in the morning, making breakfast, outings for ice cream and play at the park. 


I'm not sure how to describe it. I like real life, real love, real families and the outdoors. 

What Photo Equipment do you use?

Canon 5d series, Assortment of Canon lenses and flashes.

Nikon F100 Film camera. 

Do we get the digital files?

Yes. Culled and edited images are provided on USB drive.

When will we get out photos?

I ask for 30 days to deliver digital wedding files and 14 days to deliver portraits.

What does “full day of Wedding coverage” mean?

All day - from your morning cup of coffee until your big exit or the reception winds down. I want to get everything.

Do you do engagement sessions?

Yes! They are awesome. I do them as part of a wedding package or separately. I will also travel for an engagement session. Engagement sessions allow us to get to know each other. Hopefully it starts a friendship and makes for an enhanced wedding day. 

Do you destination weddings and portraits?

Definitely, Yes! I love to travel. So, count me in. My package rates are the same for destination weddings. However, I do require airfare, lodging and usually a rental car. 

Where are you located?

 I am based on the Central Coast of California - San Luis Obispo. My "home" area ranges from Santa Barbara to Carmel and Monterey. However, I will travel the entire state, nationally, and internationally. I don't charge for travel time. Just pay for me to stay the night in a hotel for a night or two and we are all set. 

How do we book you?

Send me an email. We can discuss dates and times and get it dialed to make sure it will work for both of us.  

Do you shoot film?

Yes. The majority of the photography will be digital, but I do take photos with the film cameras. 

Do you use Social Media?

Yes. Click on the social media icons to connect with me.

How do you feel about guests taking photos at our wedding?

I absolutely encourage smart phone, point and shoot, and and family and friends taking photos. However, I do ask that there not be another professional acting as a second photographer without first discussing and coordinating.