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A Girl and Her Horse

This Central Coast portrait session was completely casual - no styling, no lighting equipment, etc. It was just a real day on the ranch with a girl and her horse 

I always wonder how to describe my photographic style to people. I am still uncertain what it is. What I do know is that I like my photo sessions to be casual and fun. I don't like to force poses, smiles, or situations. I want my photo sessions with clients to be enjoyable. When I finish a photo shoot - and the camera is put away - and everyone is still smiling, I am happy. 

Yes, it is about getting the photos and delivering great photography. To me, the process of getting great photos is the best part. Days later, when my customers are looking at their photos, I want them to view the photos with good memories of their experience.  

This session was easygoing, enjoyable, casual, and down to earth. 

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