The 1880 Union Hotel is my kind of place and this amazing couple are my kind of people - authentic, kickback, and fun loving. These two chose wisely for their wedding destination.

Los Alamos, CA is a small Santa Ynez Valley town just 45 minutes north of Santa Barbara and 140 miles north of Los Angeles. I love small towns. I like the quiet streets, the simple landscape, and the slow pace.  Something in me feels at home...more myself. I can walk and think.

The 1880 Union Hotel is like taking a step back in time. The saloon, old wood floors, wall portraits, wallpaper, and decor are perfect. It's honest. Authentic simplicity is beautiful to me. It's real. It's like an old soul that doesn't hide anything and has stories to tell. I want to pull up a chair and listen. It is strange to think about a hotel this way. 

 On the streets near the 1880 Union Hotel you can find art galleries, a bakery, bed & breakfast, some eateries and tasting rooms.  If you are traveling on Highway 101 make a quick detour. It is only a minute or two off the highway. 

Here are some helpful links when you visit:

1880 Union Hotel 362 Bell Street Los Alamos, CA 93440

Plenty on Bell:  A farm to table restaurant.

Bob's Well Bread Bakery:

Pico Restaurant and Lumen Wines: .