Today was a beautiful day on the Central Coast. My little one decided she needed playtime in the pool. So, I pulled the little pool out from the garage, dumped out the toys, dusted it off, and filled it up. 

Light clouds, 70 degrees, and slightly humid...perfect. We practiced underwater diving, holding our breath, and swimming like a salmon trapped on the rocks. Lucky for her, this daddy bear wasn't hungry, and he was much too slow to catch a slippery goggled eyed fish.  

I know that playing with my kids is their loudest and best language. When I play with my children they laugh, smile, and sing. They don't hunch over or hold themselves with reservation to timidity. They move their bodies in away that is open, giving, warm, confident, and free.  

Playtime is a bonding time. Never be too busy to play with your child. Play with them daily and multiple times a day - piggyback rides to the car, wrestling on the bed, board games, drawing, hopscotch, jump-rope, or silly dancing. Help them to smile. The more our children smile the better the world becomes.