Love + Adventure + Family

Explore, Play, and Love Big.


I love life, family, adventure, and to smile. We have a dog (Daisy), a cat (Emily), a rabbit (Opal), and two fish (Marshmallow Red and something else??). It is a full house of laughter, lots of hugs, and love. I am a photographer because I love to capture life. Life is quick. It rushes past us. Our memories and Photography are the two things that come close to rewinding time. I absolutely love giving people the gift of a captured moment.   

My clients and I like substance over style, family more than fads, and compassion more than comparisons. We think fun and blessing can be found in small moments. We are collectors of smiles and believe in forgiveness and grace. We value photography and want to capture moments we never want to forget. 

Am I speaking to your heart and passions? If I am, I'd love to be there to capture those moments. Call me or send me an email. I'd love to get to know you. 


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